Brainbow's signature blend contains
6 powerful adaptogens and 1 essential ingredient.


Cordyceps Extract (Mycelium)
+ Mental energy & focus
+ Oxygen uptake


Lion’s Mane Extract (Fruiting body)
+ Memory, focus and concentration
+ Induce NGF (nerve growth factor) synthesis in nerve cells
+ Neurogenesis - the growth of new neurons  


Ginkgo Biloba Extract (Whole leaf)
+ Blood flow to the brain 
+ Neurotransmitters 
+ Mental energy


Rhodiola Extract (Root)
+ Blood supply/blood oxygenator to muscles & brain
+ Improves mental energy & focus 
+ Nervous system function.


Chaga Extract (Fruiting Body)
+ Antioxidant powerhouse 
+ Protective to the brain, and reduces inflammation 
+ Supports immune system


Schisandra Extract (Berry)
+ Antioxidants that are protective to the brain
+ Stress reduction


Coconut Powder
+  ATP (energy to the cell) for longer lasting burning fuel for mitochondria