Our Story

We are a Canadian-made mental superfood.

Brainbow began as an idea after one too many nights burning the midnight oil. No matter how much time we put in, the inbox always seemed full and our task list neverending.
“Surely,” we asked, “there must be a better way.”
That simple statement led us down a productivity rabbit hole. From task management systems and productivity hacks to mindfulness exercises and nootropic stacks, we scoured the web searching for a solution. Ironically, no further progress was made on our project that night.
What we did discover became the cornerstone of Brainbow: adaptogens. Superfoods that enhance our innate abilities to focus, conquer stress, and go the extra mile. It’s not a new concept - Eastern medicine has been practicing this for centuries. Only recently has there been a rapidly growing body of scientific evidence in support of their effects.
After much tinkering, Brainbow became a blend of 6 adaptogens and functional herbs. It’s designed not only to light up your brain on the first sip, but taste delightful as well.
We hope you love lighting up your brain as much as we do.