About Us

Our mission is to be the world’s smartest indulgence brand. 


Brainbow creates mental superfood designed to energize your body, mind and taste buds. We focus on producing delicious snacks that help you find your flow and overcome the day’s hurdles.


The cornerstone of our products is adaptogens. Natural superfoods that enhance our innate abilities to focus, conquer stress, and go the extra mile. It’s not a new concept - Eastern medicine has been practicing this for centuries. Only recently has there been a rapidly growing body of scientific evidence in support of their effects.


We’ve harnessed that old world wisdom into an expertly crafted blend of 4 functional fungi and herbs featured in all our products. It’s formulated not only to light up your brain with every bite, but taste delightful as well - because we believe that indulgent foods can be made brilliant.


Take back the day (or night) with us. We hope you love lighting up your brain as much as we do.